Change Management

Three areas where I can assist your business through the change process

Making organisational changes can be one of the most challenging aspects of the leadership function. It is fraught with potential pitfalls and, if badly implemented, can have an adverse affect on customer service, employee engagement and the profitability of an organisation.

1. Getting you started - Workshop facilitation

I can assist you and your team to identify business improvement opportunities using well-established techniques such as PESTLE, McKinsey-7S framework, SWOT Analysis and the Boston Growth Shared Matrix. Using an experienced facilitator allows you the freedom to work with your team without the distraction of worrying about the agenda.

2. Planning the journey

Planning Workshops (with best practice and legal guidance)

Essential to a successful change programme is a well thought through plan. Planning workshops focus on translating your vision into reality with the emphasis on employment legislation, business continuity, employee engagement and timing. Running "lessons learnt" workshops may also be an area where I can assist you, providing your project team with vital information on how best to approach the change programme (and avoid repeating mistakes of the past).

3. Ongoing support

Ongoing change support and advice

I can provide ongoing support during the change programme covering employment law advice, communication support and coaching and advice to senior managers. This can be provided on a full or part-time basis, as required.

For more information

I am always pleased to discuss your requirements and provide you with further  information on ways that I can be of assistance. Please call or email using the contact details below.